Saturday, 2 July 2011

Oh Noes Has Finally Arrived on WP7

Very much later than billed Oh Noes!!1 is now available for download on WP7 and once more it's completely free to do so. Why not give it a go!


Also please be aware that we are working on other projects but unfortunately real life is getting in the way at the moment. Announcements will be made as an when there is something worth announcing. Who know it might be sooner rather than later!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Our First Video Cast

With the Impending release of our first windows phone 7 game I thought it appropriate to make our first ever video-cast. Check it out!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Oh Noes!!1 is out now!!

Our fourth game 'Oh Noes!!1' has now been released to the xbox live indie marketplace!

You should get it now!... right now!...

What are you still doing on this web page? Clicky Here!

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Press Release - Oh Noes!

After spending weeks and months making a very serious and polished Puzzle game, the staff here at Executive Iguana went a little peculiar. After writing such a serious game, you occasionally just want have to throw caution to the wind and do something a little bit more outrageous, and after the success of the company 'Wear your trousers as a hat day' we decided to make the game - Oh Noes.

Up until now this game has been unannounced and sworn to secrecy, but now I can proudly announce that 'Oh Noes!!1' will be entering playtest this weekend, and hopefully be released in the next two weeks, pending peer review.

'Oh Noes' is not so much a game as it is an ultra-realistic  Giant-Chicken-With-Laser-Eyes simulation. The game is set in a city populated by people who can't run fast enough and the idea is to control aforementioned laser-eyed chicken to stomp on them and any other puny mortals who try and stop you.


The humans have also developed rather large bio-countermeasure weapons. Which will also try to take you down.

So have you got what it takes to avenge what mankind(and the Colonel) have done to your once proud race of poultry. Sure you have!!!

Roll the Screenies!...

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Runic 3D Has Landed!

Our latest game runic 3D is finally available for your enjoyment for the price of 80MSP. 80MSP is around 70p or $1 US if you live on the other side of the pond. You'd be hard pressed to buy a sandwich at that price, to which end I seriously suggest you forgo the hunger absolving safety of foodstuffs between bread, and buy yourself a copy of Runic 3D instead!

Buy Runic 3D

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Runic 3D is Coming (Finally!)

Apologies to our countless millions of fans for the complete radio silence that has surrounded Runic 3D as of the past few months. Many things from our lives outside of our computer machines may have got in the way a slight. But never the less Runic 3D is now in play-test!

Without further ado let me give you a run-down of what Runic 3D is and the features that will be in the final version of the game.

As you may or may not know the Runic game is a match three puzzler with a twist, the puzzles can be attacked from a variety of different angles and there is a clear cut goal rather than simply matching pieces for the sake of score.

The new Runic 3D game is a continuation of that idea. We've used the jump to 3D to not only build on the graphical quality of the game, but have also used this to greatly simplify the control scheme. The game is now played across a 12 * 12 grid rather than the original 20 * 20 to improve the flow of the game and still make for some tough puzzles.

The game features four quests; Loki, Freyja, Thor and Odin. Each quest contains 10 challenging levels that can be played single player or co-op with a friend. For each quest you complete you earn a trophy and if all four quests are completed the five level 'Valhalla Quest' is unlocked where you must defeat the toughest puzzles in the game.

As well as the 45 quests and 5 unlockable trophies there are three high-score based timed levels for those of you who feel like a quicker more traditional match-3 puzzle.

The game now also features the players avatar who will clap and cheer the player on in the good times, and cry like a baby during the bad.

Runic 3D is now finishing play test and we are hoping to have released at the end of this month. Possibly most importantly of all this fully 3D puzzle extravaganza will cost only 80 pieces of Xbox gold!

Roll the screenshots!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Runic 3D Gameplay Video

Progress with 'Runic 3d' is extremely rapid. To show you all just how well the game is coming along, here is the first gameplay video from our pre-alpha build. I'll also take this opportunity to explain the features which the game will include.

As well as the new 3D look special attention has been payed to the controls of the game to allow a much more flowing ease of control when compared with the original Runic. In the final release you may expect no less than 60 levels in the games' main 'quest'; as well as extra time attack and multiplayer co-operative and versus levels.
The Game will have at least 4 different modes of play, and will have an unlockable awards system in place.

More details and sneak peaks will soon follow. Enjoy the video!